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Makhali-Phal: Oracle of East and West

Makhali-Phal portrait by Ram Richman

Makhali-Phal portrait by Ram Richman

A millennium ago, Cambodia’s Khmer civilization changed the face of Southeast Asia, revolutionizing the region’s art, architecture, language, religion, economy and society in ways still clearly evident today.

In 1898, Makhali-Phāl was born in Cambodia,  a Franco-Khmer child whose very blood combined the opposing worlds of East and West. As an author, she devoted her life to seeing, feeling and expressing the conflict, harmony and hope inherent in these powerful forces.

Makhali-Phal’s timeless literary works of poetry and prose offer inspiration and self-awareness for all children of our world, but especially for those who want to understand the essence of East and West.

Through her visionary words, ancient Khmer souls speak again, sharing their wisdom and beauty in ways that resonate in our modern era.

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